“Religion In World Affairs:

Its Role in Conflict and in Peace”

Saturday, October 1, 2016, 8:00 A.M – 1:00 P.M

Bonita Performing Arts Center, 822 Covina Blvd. San Dimas, CA 91773

Our 27th annual Peace Conference has a timely, challenging,and  motivating theme – Religion in World Affairs: The Role of Religion in Peace and in Conflict.The beautiful Bonita Performing Arts Center on the campus of San Dimas has been selected as the venue of this important conference.A distinguished keynote speaker and six panelist will highlight the conference.

Religion is one of the factors that make up personal and group identities. The question is how can religious identity be saved from being misused to legitimize immoral and inhumane behavior, and be used instead to motivate people to strive for peace, justice, and acceptance in everyday life situations. Today, we do not live in a separate world of our own. We do not live in silos. We see that within a relatively short period of time modern technology is drastically altering our perception of time, space and each other. However, the tools of technology that bring people closer in the communication sense, do not live up to their much-needed potential to make people across boundaries closer in the sense of creating decent human relationships. We see that we continue to be far from a peaceful resolution to centuries of bloody ethnic and religious tensions and conflicts.Religious leaders are important factors in shaping group identities as well as individual and collective morality. Therefore, they must work together by taking an active role in promoting an interfaith dialogue with global peace and security as their goal. We hope our peace conference will demonstrate an international model of all religions working together in inter-religious engagement aimed at fostering peace and harmony among and between people of different religions.

Saturday, October 1, 2016, 8:00 A.M – 1:00 P.M

Bonita Performing Arts Center, 822 Covina Blvd. San Dimas, CA 91773

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$20.00 Per Person (includes continental breakfast)


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