All is well in SF.  I am still working, though they have cancelled all of our non-emergency surgeries. As part of the fellowship of Rotarian Doctors there have been bi-weekly phone calls with doctors from around the world to discuss the COVID pandemic.

In San Francisco my shifts have been cut down to avoid unnecessary exposure, which has also given me more time to work on research projects. I am currently working to continue efforts in studying head and neck cancer as well as access to safe surgery around the world.

We currently have enough masks at my hospital though nervous for the days when they run out. Luckily tech gurus in the silicon valley have been using 3D printers to try to ramp up our supply.

I was supposed to be in Italy for my 30th birthday at the end of this month, with 15 friends I met while studying at Cambridge! Sad for the trip to be cancelled, but still grateful for these friends I met during my amazing year at Cambridge.

Hope your scholars around the globe are staying safe!

Note: Gaelen was a Globar Scholar to Cambridge, taking a year off after becoming doctor, to get her Masters.  /Bill Payne, Scholars Chair