Congratulations, Rotary!

We are celebrating 30 years of accomplishments of Women in Rotary—all done in heels.

So we’d like to give others the chance to celebrate and raise money for the RI Foundation—in heels!

By we, I mean the immediate past presidents of San Marino, Pasadena, South Pasadena, West Covina Sunrise and current president of Sierra Madre Clubs ( and any others who’d like to help, just email Camille at

From Aug 1, 2017-Feb 1, 2018, you have an opportunity to:

  • Make a donation to the RI Foundation in honor or in memory of a woman who made a difference in your life


  • Challenge  some who doesn’t wear heels (maybe a man??) to wear heels for about 100 steps for a donation of $30 and that person has the opportunity to either wear them, or to decline the honor for a donation of $60 to the RI Foundation.

I have heels in all sizes for men, and am willing to help you  orchestrate this at your local meeting, an event which is already planned or at a challenge between clubs and/or Interactors and Rotoractors.

The Club which raises the most $$$, as well as the individual who raises the most $$$ will be recognized at the Foundation Dinner February 24 on the Queen Mary.

However, the real winner is the RI Foundation and all the projects worldwide.

Let’s start walking!
Camille Levee
Immediate Past President, South Pasadena Club

Women in Heels Flyer